• Just wanted to report back on the EFT session that you gave me at the workshop a few weeks back. You gave me the appropriate emotional defense I needed. It worked very well and even when things got tough, I acted appropriately. Thanks again for the demonstration.  All my best
    --Bill B.
  • I've wanted to thank you in writing for your use of EFT to releasing the many years of cell exhaustion and anger held for so long. It ran me in the past and I feel that it no longer has its hold on my behavior and restless mind. Thank you so very much.
    --Diane G.
  • Sharon empowerd me to integrate my experiences and live my life more freely from an authentic place. Her treatment helped me become aware of unresolved problems by increasing my understanding of the situations that have blocked both my development and understanding of family relationships. She helped me with her amazing insight and a depth of healing to truly change my life.
    --Jan B.
  • Thank you Sharon, for your immediate response to my acute need for a therapist after my traumatic accident last year.  I had not idea Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) could be so sudden and so deep.  With your keen and intuitive assistance, I've been able to clear the many layers of pain, both emotional and physical, at a much faster pace than imagined.  I'm grateful for the EFT process you've taught me.  It has been instrumental in my healing process.


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