Sharon Graham Burt

I am a psychotherapist based in the city of Sonoma, California. I have over 20 years working in mental health inspiring the search for hope, clarity and meaning in the lives of adults, couples and families. I have also facilitated groups on Loss and Grief at the Center For Attitudinal Healing for many years. I have two masterís degrees, one in psychology from Michigan and one in Marriage and Family Therapy and am a licensed practitioner of family therapy in the state of California.

My clients say that I am gifted in reading between the lines to guide them through their problems. I have had success working with a wide range of psychological, physiological, and deep trauma issues using different modalities. I work to help clients to integrate their experiences and live their lives more freely and from an authentic place. I help couples look at how they relate emotionally to each other and how to be more open, attuned and responsive to each other and to reestablish close emotional connection and create deep and lasting bonds. I guide teenagers to more understanding and acceptance of self. I help parents to recognize their childrenís worries and concerns and guide them towards valuable insights to ease this difficult period of transition.

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Sharon Graham Burt MA, MFT
Center for the Healing Arts,
19343 Sonoma Highway,
Sonoma CA 95476
707.996.4312 ex 2 | EMAIL:   sharon@sharongrahamburt.com